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All babies & new moms need a great blanket!. This will last for years to come and will be the perfect childhood companion. Every inch is hand painted and every detail is made by hand, carefully designed with love. 

It comes carefully packed in a pretty hand painted fabric bag with a ribbon for easy storage.
Pom poms added for extra cuteness!

Painted in black and coral, cotton fabric has a natural white color tone. This blanket is made with 3 layers to make it cozy and warm, there is a thermal fabric in between. Painted pattern on the back of blanket.

Size is 59" x 46" Please contact me if you have questions about custom sizes and/or colors.

You can wash it on your washing machine on gentle cycle and tumble dry low or air dry, iron if you wish. Wash it separately with withes.

Please contact for any questions or suggestion, we'll be happy to chat with you.