Hola! my name is Miriam Altamira, I’m the creator of Born of Monday, a beautiful idea that keep my dreams alive and give purpose to my creative feelings, I was born and rise in a beautiful place call “the bellybutton of the moon” when I grew up and was ready for college  I moved away to the land of the free and the home of the brave, where I learned the arts of Graphic design , after several years living among the “people of the mountains" having wonderful experiences and making everlasting friends, the winds of the north took me to the maple leaf territory, specifically to a city under the name of Toronto in the province of Ontario in a beautiful country that the ascents natives used to called “Kanata”, in this amazing place I live with my best friend and husband Edgar, my cute and tireless  daughter Nina and my beloved Yorky, which answers to the name of"Fidel"

Born on Monday was brought to life thanks to my craving of design,creation and love for the handmade. My passion for children’s toys,books,illustrations,clothes and design are my trigger and inspiration

The purpose of BOM is to bring happiness, both for me and for those who receive some of my creations, which I design with real love.